Biggi Family Project runs a number of programs across Uganda throughout the year - research, skills training workshops, empowerment seminars and schools. None of our activities and projects would have even kicked off without the generous support and contributions from people of all walks of life.

We appreciate that the task ahead of us is extraordinary and requires plenty of sustained financial and expert support.

Nevertheless, we trust that with your generous contribution we will together change lives and restore promise to many lives of women and children left underprivileged by factors beyond their control.

Cheque or Bank Payments

Your contribution to the Biggi Family Project initiatives is always welcome. If you wish to contribute via Cheque or Bank payments, please pay into the following account.

Bank: Absa Uganda, Luwum Street Branch

Account Name: Biggi Family Project

Account Number (UGX): 6005548274

Account Number (USD): 6005548266


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